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How many Watts of 1 door Polytron Refrigerator

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How many Watts of 1 door Polytron Refrigerator

How many Watts of 1 door Polytron Refrigerator

Check the answer to how many watts the 1-door Polytron refrigerator is in this article. Polytron is one of the famous refrigerator brands that is widely used by the public. Apart from being affordable, the design presented by the Polytron refrigerator is quite attractive.

Another advantage possessed by the Polytron refrigerator is that it requires relatively small electrical power, so it can be used in homes that have 450 Watt or 900 Watt electrical power. Especially for the Polytron 1 door refrigerator, it has an electrical power requirement of under 100 Watts.

Then, how many watts Polytron 1 door refrigerator? Check out the full explanation below.

In general, the average electric power or wattage of a Polytron 1 door refrigerator is 75 Watts to 106 Watts depending on the type. Even so, there are also Polytron refrigerators that have a wattage above 100 W. These are usually included in jumbo refrigerators and are equipped with a defrost system.

The following is a complete list of Polytron 1 door refrigerator watts:

TipeKapasitasDaya ListrikHarga
Belleza Varia PRA 17DRX170 liter106 wattRp1.889.000
Belleza Varia PRA 17MOB170 liter75 WattRp1.929.000
Belleza Varia PRA 17PAX170 Liter75 WattRp2.069.000
Belleza Varia PRA 16CRX160 liter106 wattRp1.769.000
Belleza Varia PRA 18CRX180 liter75 WattRp1.989.000
Belleza Varia PRA 18DRX180 liter106 wattRp1.999.000
Belleza Varia PRA 16PAX160 Liter75 WattRp1.949.000
Metallic PRB 157LB150 Liter75 WattRp1.649.000
Metallic PRB 177LB170 Liter75 WattRp1.739.000
Metallic PRB 187LB180 Liter75 WattRp1.889.000

Does the Polytron 1 door refrigerator save electricity?

The cooling system technology used in today's refrigerators has generally been designed to save electricity consumption, including the Polytron refrigerator. Therefore, for a 1-door Polytron refrigerator, it requires a small amount of electrical power.

What causes a refrigerator to waste electricity?

There are several causes of a refrigerator wasteful of electricity, including:

1. Fridge full

Placing goods to meet the capacity of the refrigerator will have an impact on the operation of the cooling system in the refrigerator to be active frequently. This of course will result in the consumption of more electricity

2. Frequently open and close the refrigerator door

If the refrigerator door is often opened and closed, it will cause the temperature inside the refrigerator to be difficult to reach the ideal temperature according to the settings. The compressor will repeatedly activate to keep the temperature inside the refrigerator cool.

3. Putting hot food

For those of you who often put hot food or drinks in the refrigerator, you should not do it again. The reason is, this will cause the temperature in the refrigerator to rise, so the cooling system will often be active.

4. Setting the temperature too cold

Setting the refrigerator temperature that is too cold will cause the refrigerator to be heavier. This is because the refrigerator must always try to maintain the temperature to match the setting.

5. Compressor is old

The age of the refrigeration machine or refrigerator compressor that is old can result in wasteful electricity consumption. Therefore, if your refrigerator compressor is not normal, it is better to replace it with a new one.

Thus the answer to the question how many watts Polytron 1 door refrigerator. May be useful.

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