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How To Fix Samsung Cracked Screen

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how to fix samsung cracked screen

 How To Fix Samsung Cracked Screen

You could say the screen on the cellphone is the most important part, but it is also the most risky part of being damaged. Of course, this glass screen interacts with its users the most. So don't be surprised if the risk of damage always haunts you like a cracked, unresponsive, or even completely dead cellphone screen. Each malfunction has its own way of handling that the user must know. Although sometimes the replacement of the HP screen is the last solution after getting professional treatment from a technician.

If you experience problems with cracked cellphone screens due to falling or getting pressure during storage, then the following methods from you can do independently without having to go to a technician.

How to Fix a Cracked HP Screen with Glue

The easiest general way to fix a cracked cellphone screen is with glue at a low cost. You need to prepare some simple materials such as dry tissue, iron glue, wet tissue, clear plastic, and also a ruler. The steps in repairing a cracked HP screen with glue are:

  • Clean the screen surface with a wet tissue and dry it with a dry tissue
  • Apply iron glue on the cracked cellphone screen to the entire surface
  • Paste the clear plastic that has been cut according to the size of the cracked cellphone screen
  • Slowly remove the plastic
  • Clean the iron glue from the cracked cellphone screen using a ruler by scraping
  • Clean using a wet tissue and dry with a dry tissue

Installing Tempered Glass

If you want to get rid of cracks on the cellphone screen, then you can use tempered glass available on the market. Note, this method can be done for cases of HP screens that have smooth cracks. Try to find a tempered glass that fits the type of smartphone and then just install it neatly. This method is fairly easy to repair a cracked cellphone screen compared to replacing a cellphone screen. Indeed, the cellphone screen crack is still there but it is covered by tempered glass. This method can be done at once to avoid cracking the gadget screen that gets worse when used.

Repair Cracked Cellphone Screen with Toothpaste

Toothpaste can also be used to repair cracked cellphone screens. By using this material, how to fix a cracked cellphone screen with toothpaste is simpler and easier to do independently at home. Here are the steps.

  • Clean the screen surface with a tissue
  • Apply toothpaste to the cracked screen surface
  • Scrub the screen with a toothbrush
  • Clean the toothpaste on the cellphone screen with a dry tissue
  • How to Fix a Cracked HP screen with USB OTG
  • Damage that occurs on the HP touchscreen screen will usually reduce performance.

Sensitivity and navigation in running applications can be disrupted and this will disrupt your productivity. Another way to fix the easiest cracked cellphone screen is to use the OTG feature. This method allows it to be used if your cellphone already has the OTG feature. The phone screen will be easy to navigate and if you want to unlock the screen or run applications without touching the screen.

The way to fix the Samsung Cracked Screen  screen is as follows:
  1. Connect the USB OTG cable
  2. Plug the wireless mouse into the USB OTG adapter
  3. Make sure the mouse is connected to the device
  4. Use the mouse pointer to run applications on a cellphone with a cracked cellphone screen

Have Protection in the form of Smartphone Insurance

A cracked cellphone screen and having to replace it will certainly cost money and time, this includes various types of cellphones ranging from iPhone, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and others. Even though your cellphone is a weapon for activities and work every day. The most appropriate way to deal with a cracked or broken cellphone screen is to apply for smartphone insurance. Currently, there are smartphone insurance features that can protect cellphones from general damage such as cracked cellphone screens, leaking batteries, camera malfunctions, and others. Interestingly, this smartphone insurance is not only for new cellphones, but also applies to those of you who buy used cellphones. You can also buy used cellphones for those of you who buy them in installments through an online HP credit application.

With registering Sohibtekno smartphone insurance, of course, problems such as a cracked cellphone screen can be addressed immediately and you will not incur costs and spend time to repair it because the insurance will take care of all claims for your favorite electronic goods that you use everyday. However, it should be noted, to make a claim for HP damage, you are advised not to repair your cellphone personally or at an unofficial service center so that your claim can be received and processed.

In addition to doing the methods above, it turns out that complaints about cellphone damage are not only on cracked cellphone screens, but also other damage that makes the cellphone screen unresponsive in running applications.

Other Types of HP Technical Problems Apart from Screen Cracks

Here are some technical problems that often occur on your cellphone screen and solutions can be found. This may be different from how to fix a cracked cellphone screen before. Usually the source of the problem from an unresponsive HP screen includes:

1. Ghost Touching

This problem often occurs on cellphone screens or even cellphone screens that are exposed to water. There is a navigation that runs itself without any touch on the screen. So it's as if the cellphone runs its own application without being touched. The cause of damage to the HP screen besides cracking is the presence of excess electric current running on the screen panel.

Usually this case is commonly found when you run your cellphone while it is being charged using a charger that does not match the brand. It's always a good idea to use the original charger that came with the purchase package or not to use the cellphone while it's charging. If this ghost touching condition occurs continuously, the cellphone screen can be damaged and you have to replace it. Even though the price for repairing a broken touchscreen HP screen is quite high and time consuming.

2. Dead Pixel

Actually the touchscreen display that is attached to the cellphone consists of hundreds of tiny pixels that make up a display. If one of these small pixels is damaged or dead, it will make the screen look like a smudge. This condition is called dead pixels. Generally this happens because of pressure or exposed to water that enters the electrical pixel.

If not fixed immediately, these dead pixels will spread from a small dot to a large dot that will damage HP. The first thing you can do to anticipate dead pixels is to use the Pixel Fixer application to reset the smartphone screen to display the appropriate colors as before.

3. Scratches

Scratches or usually called scratches, are a very common problem for HP users. It could be that these scratches occur because the cellphone screen is cracked and causes quite annoying defects. In addition to making the display uncomfortable, of course the navigation experience in touching the screen also becomes insensitive. The best way that can be done to overcome a scratched HP screen is to install additional anti-scratch according to the size of the screen.

4. Flickering

Applications that are less than perfect will usually make the screen vibrate or often called flickering. Sometimes the HP screen flickering occurs due to installing certain games or camera applications related to screen performance. Simply remove the application that causes the flickering then this problem can be solved. You could say this is the easiest way to fix a problematic cellphone screen not because it is cracked.

5. Less sensitive screen response

The slow response of the screen to navigation made by the user's finger can cause the experience to run the application to be hampered and sometimes irritate the user.

In contrast to a cracked cellphone screen that must be repaired using physical methods, actually repairing a less sensitive cellphone screen is to include several things such as excessive heat from the cellphone body so that it does not respond quickly to any navigation on the screen surface. Another thing that causes the screen to be insensitive is a bad cellphone signal because it takes too long to display the page. Another most common error is due to impact or being exposed to water so that the HP screen sensitivity decreases or is disabled.

Other Guides About Repairing Damage to Samsung Screens

After knowing some of the obstacles that often occur on the HP screen, then you can get information about easy ways to deal with an unresponsive screen independently.

The following are matters relating to HP screen damage and how to overcome them.

1. Check Screen Functions

Overcoming the HP screen not working properly can be done by checking the standard of course its function. There are two ways to check that the HP screen function is working properly, namely by touching the upper left corner, then dragging your finger to the lower right corner without lifting your finger. Do this slowly until a count of 10. If you can point the finger without breaking, then you could say all the functions of the HP touchscreen display are functioning normally.

2. Use the Test Multitouch App

The screen does not respond can occur due to damage to the components in it. This can happen due to falling or being exposed to water, so the screen is unresponsive. You can check to make sure the touchscreen function of the HP screen is functioning normally with the additional Multitouch Tester application.

To be able to use this application, of course it can be downloaded for free and easy to use. After the application is installed, you can stick your finger to the screen in accordance with the requested directions. If there are parts that are not counted, then it could be that the components inside the touchscreen HP screen are damaged and need to be repaired.

3. Clean HP Screen

It is undeniable that finger activity on the surface of the cellphone screen all day makes the cellphone screen dirty. This can make the HP screen not work optimally. So, make sure you keep the HP screen surface clean to avoid the HP screen not working properly. Use eucalyptus oil to clean the surface of the cellphone screen and then dry it with a tissue.

4. Toothpaste for Striped HP Screen

HP screen cracks and lines can actually be removed with the help of toothpaste. Even though it seems unrelated, the chemicals in toothpaste can make the scratches on the cellphone screen softer. Apply toothpaste on the cracked cellphone screen and then clean it until there is no toothpaste left. You can compare the scratches that exist when you haven't been given toothpaste with after being smeared with toothpaste.

5. Install Tempered Glass

Not all cracked cellphone screens are equipped with a glass protective feature, so you need to prepare your own budget to add tempered glass to be reused. The use of tempered glass can restore the function of a less responsive HP screen to normal.

6. Restart HP

Heavy HP performance every day makes the machine work too hard so that the HP screen becomes unresponsive. This doesn't only happen to cracked cellphone screens, but all cellphone conditions, even new cellphones. The most effective way is to restart the cellphone to return its functions back to normal. The system error makes the touch screen performance heavy and does not run normally. For that, reloading the system is very likely to make the HP screen healthy again.

7. Manage RAM Usage

HP performance can also be problematic if the RAM usage is too excessive. Of course, it's better not to rush to claim that the cellphone screen is problematic because it is damaged, but the smartphone's performance is not optimal due to excessive RAM usage. The weight of RAM work will affect how slow the screen responds to any given navigation. You can clean RAM and manage running apps manually or use additional apps. With RAM that works lighter, it is certain that the touchscreen performance on the cellphone can also run normally again.

8. Put in Rice

Rice can absorb water very quickly and completely. You can use this method if it turns out that your cellphone has just been splashed with water or even plunged into the water. Soaking the smartphone overnight can make the cellphone screen return to normal.

9. Run Safe Mode

You need more in-depth knowledge of smartphones to be able to run HP in the Safe Mode method. Usually the way to solve an unresponsive HP screen is to enter Safe Mode. In its development, the Safe Mode feature is different for each series and brand.

The ways to enter Safe Mode in general are as follows:

Press and hold the power button until the power off option appears
Hold down the power off option again until the HP actually enters the Safe Mode screen
If the screen works safely in this Safe Mode display, then the next problem is removing heavy applications that cause the HP screen not to work properly

10. Disabling Developer Options

Enabling Developer options will give HP more extensive features in managing applications and navigation. However, this advantage also has consequences that must be accepted by the user, one of which is that the cellphone screen does not function properly.

Although cracked cellphone screens are often associated with poor performance, this Developer option also plays an important role in messing up screen performance. You can disable this Developer Options feature so that the touch screen works more optimally. Go to App Settings, then select Developer Options. Please disable this Developer Options feature.

11. Enable GPU Reading

Although it looks trivial, overcoming a damaged cellphone screen does not depend on physical work alone, but also anticipates through software settings, such as activating GPU Reading. This can happen when there are too many transition effects in the screen which makes the screen performance heavy and unresponsive. Enabling Force GPU Reading can lighten the display elements on the smartphone screen.

How To Fix Samsung Cracked Screen
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